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A 30-year-old street performer, Batayan admits he cannot sing and does not expect to make money in doing so. Despite this, singing is his passion and anything else simply does not measure up. Even when he gets a job, he continues to carry his guitar around wherever he goes.

How to KissEdit

  1. Give him the flier you get from the Funny Bone Factory chief, he then starts working there.
  2. Go and sleep at you house and in the morning check you mail-box, you should get the 1-Day Manager Pass. Return to the factory early with the pass and take the tour.
  1. Talk to all the workers in the first area and one will give you Scarecrow's letter.
  2. Take the letter to Scarecrow Field and give the letter to Scarecrow. Go into his house and read his diary for the safe combination.
  3. Return to the factory and take the tour again, this time hide in the area with the lazy guard. (One of the workers will tell you, so ask around.)
  4. Now go to the subway and put in the combination you got from Scarecrow's diary: 123, 321, 444, 564. You'll have to activate the tram and re-enter the subway for each combination.
  5. Get the Boss Card from the safe.
  6. Take the tour again with the Boss Card and fire Batayan. Now return to Batayan's house and speak to him for his


  • Batayan can identify Sleepicada from Dead Cicadas.
  • His employee number is 9976th largest number of any employee.
  • At night, for 100z, he'll sing a nice song that can restore some health. After the song he says he can "sleep well tonight "
  • He gets up at 10:30am