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Bell (スズさん, Suzu-san) is the kendo girl who lives in the Worldly Desire Temple. She is Monk Hoichi's daughter.

Bell is always found doing chores around the temple while Hoichi leaves to do errands. She also keeps watch over the giant bell to the left of the temple, warning Poor Boy not to ring it.

Profile and Appearance[]

Bell wears a blue kendo outfit for the majority of her appearance in-game, a type of armor called "kendōgu" (剣道具). After Poor Boy witnesses her duel with Mr. Binchotan, her armor will be destroyed and her face will be revealed. She is a young girl with long brown hair and a white headband, blue eyes with long eyelashes, and a white hakama with blue armor. She is always carrying a bamboo sword that she uses to chop wood or duel foes.

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"What? You can't read this unless you want spoilers!"

The section below will describe how to complete a story quest. This will involve spoilers related to Bell! Proceed at your own risk.


After healing her father from his illness, Bell is revealed to be a "Human Bell". Her face will be enveloped in a gold bell for the rest of the game.

Daily Schedule[]

Time Activity
4:00 AM Wakes up and leaves the temple.
5:00 AM Rings the morning bell.
5:25 AM Begins sweeping the temple courtyard.
7:00 AM Greets her father at the temple entryway.
7:25 AM Begins chopping wood next to the temple.
4:00 PM Finishes chopping wood and heads to the temple bell.
5:00 PM Rings the evening bell.
5:25 PM Begins sweeping the temple courtyard once again.
6:10 PM Greets her father near the temple bell.
6:20 PM Heads inside the temple with her father.
6:50 PM Sits behind her father during the evening gong ritual. Briefly falls asleep during the ritual.
8:30 PM Woken up by the end of the ritual.
8:50 PM Says goodnight to her father and heads to the attic.
9:25 PM Goes to sleep.

When Monk Hoichi falls ill, Bell's schedule will change. She will stay inside the temple to take care of her father until he recovers.

How to Kiss[]

Bell is very protective of the giant bell she rings every day and warns Poor Boy not to ring it. If Poor Boy disobeys her and rings the bell when she's not around, a small bell-spirit will drop out of the bell and wander away, eventually disappearing. Later that night, Monk Hoichi will suddenly fall ill as several bell-spirits begin to haunt him. Bell will stop her daily schedule to tend to her father as a result. If Poor Boy talks to her, she will ask for his help fetching some wine from Julie and will present him with a "Wine Coupon" if he agrees. The Wine Coupon can be redeemed after midnight at Julie's Bar, at which point Poor Boy will witness a fight between Goro and Julie and Goro's subsequent arrest. Before leaving the bar, Poor Boy should pick up the "Sweet Potato Wine" left behind by Goro.

After returning to the temple and giving the wine to Bell, Poor Boy should follow her to the secret shrine behind the waterfall. She will instruct Poor Boy to use the wine to summon Mr. Binchotan, a spirit who guards the secret shrine. After dueling Mr. Binchotan, Bell will win the Legendary Sword and attempt to heal her father with it. When speaking with Bell after the duel, it will become apparent that the sword she won is not enough to save her father. Poor Boy must return to the secret shrine and duel the new spirit there, Charcoal, for a second Legendary Sword that he can use to help Bell heal her father (for more details about the duel, visit Charcoal's page).

Once Monk Hoichi is healed, it will be revealed that Bell is actually a "Human Bell" who was found and raised by Monk many years ago. Mortified by this realization, Bell will flee the temple. Once Poor Boy finds her near the temple bell and comforts her, she decides to accept her life as a human bell and rewards Poor Boy with her kiss.


  • The characters on Bell's headband read "Japan's No. 1" in Japanese.