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This category was made to mark pages that need editing for the following reasons:

  • Needs complete infobox. All characters need an infobox.
  • Needs at least one main image. For example, characters need an image for their infobox!
  • Needs to be reformatted so it matches other pages like it! Character pages need to be in the same format, Underground Residents pages need to be in the same format, Location pages need to be in the same format, etc.
  • Needs to be proofread. Weird language, grammar, fact checked, etc. Pages should also NOT address the reader, such as using "you". Instead, refer to "the player" or the protagonist, "Poor Boy" himself.
  • Needs DELETION. This should only apply to pages that seem to be duplicates. Only an admin can delete a page, and they will look into it.
  • Currently, the only admin is ren @ perteparadis. Please see their page for a more detailed and full example of how a page should be set up!

Not all pages that need this category tag has it. If you see a page that needs this tag, please go ahead and add it! If you think you've properly fixed these issues on a page, feel free to remove the category on it!

As we improve, there might be more specifics added here in the future. Let's do our best!

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