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Original sketch concept of Long Life Town

Chulip opens with a dream sequence in which the unnamed, male protagonist kisses the girl he loves under the talking "Lover's Tree" on a green hill. The dream takes its course, the tree ends the sequence saying they lived happily ever after.[5] However, once the protagonist wakes up, he and his father are just moving into Long Life Town, which appears very much like a small, Japanese village. Coincidentally, the girl of his dreams lives in this town, but she flatly rejects him due to his status as coming from a very poor family.[3] Taking his father's advice, the hero decides to kiss the odd citizens of the town in order to strengthen his heart and improve his reputation. En route to doing so, he also resolves to write a love letter to his crush. When his treasured love letter set is stolen, he must search Long Life Town for the missing pieces.[3][5]

The hero's journey involves numerous bizarre incidents that lead him to cheating his way to the top of a major corporation, making contact with aliens, and acting as a defense lawyer in court.[3] Once the three pieces of the love letter set (the ink, paper, and pen) are collected, he writes and mails it to the girl. The game's ending shows the two meeting and kissing beneath the Lover's Tree, as the protagonist had dreamed.

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