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"I'm so worried about my son's reputation that I can't sleep."


Only known family in the game.

He will heal you in your sleep, and is ecstatic when he sees you have kissed someone during the day. When you have not kissed someone, he is disappointed. He talks directly to Lover's Tree about the progress of your kisses. Despite after getting more than one kiss, this will always be started with "My son has successfully kissed for the first time!". This may be because when you kiss someone, you have kissed them specifically for the first time. Another humorous point is he will shout "Good morning! Wake up!" even when you have set the (fixed) alarm clock to evening time. Dad will always be sitting behind the paper in your house. If you talk to him (by sitting on the opposite blue cushion), you are given three options:

  • "Read the paper, Dad!"
  • "Dad, I need money."
  • "Have a nice day."
If you select the first option, you are given the choice to be read the top story, or the 3rd page. (Note that the only way you can get Mrs. Plum's kiss is to be read about her losing her dentures in the 3rd page.)

Dad will also move the main story along, by telling you when new events regarding it occur. If you use the public telephone and dial a random number, you may reach your own house's phone. Dad will tell you the number of students still missing (underground residents) and happenings still unsolved.


  • There are only two occasions in which Lover's Tree does not appear to converse with Dad: when you have gone to sleep without kissing anyone (since you last slept) and when you've gone to sleep after reaching Level 10.
  • Dad is actually the principal of the local Junior High.