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Eggplant Boy (ナス次郎, Nasu Jirō) is one of the kissable Underground Residents located in Worldly Desire Temple.

His home’s hole is found to the left side of the temple, near the bamboo forest, where Bell will chop wood.

Profile and Appearance[]

As his name implies, Eggplant Boy is a small humanoid with a large, purple eggplant for a head. The green, stem end of the eggplant appears to be his hair, while the larger, rounder end is his chin. He has a pointy nose, small slit for a mouth and eyes with a worried look. He wears a white turtleneck and dark green pants paired with brown shoes.

Peering into the hole while Eggplant Boy is home will pan down to reveal him repeatedly jumping, attempting to scale a large boulder.

His profile reads:

2-1 Worldly Desire Temple
Eggplant Boy’s life…
Age 26
Hobby: Movies
The saying of the day is…
An eggplant is an eggplant.

How to Kiss[]

Eggplant Boy will come out at 8:00PM and wander about the yard. He'll begin to leave around 9:30PM. Poor Boy will need a specific item and step in order to kiss Eggplant Boy.

Behavior and Viva Conditions[]

Bothering Eggplant Boy will cause Poor Boy 10 Hearts worth of damage. To get Eggplant Boy's kiss, he will need a Goodeggplant.

Mr. Cheapot will sell Veggie Seeds, which Poor Boy can plant in a garden patch located in the top right area of Scarecrow Field. Using the seeds in the bottom half of the field near the vegetable stand, there is a slight chance that Poor Boy will grow a Goodeggplant. Other veggies may spawn, which can be sold to Mr. Cheapot. Because of the random chance, the player may want to invest in a number of seeds to save themselves the trip.

After receiving a Goodeggplant, Poor Boy should eat the Goodeggplant near Eggplant Boy, and he will enter Viva.


  • Eggplant boy's Japanese name, "Nasu Jirō", is a combination of "nasu", the word for "eggplant" and "Jirō", a common name for males.
  • The original Japanese hint for Eggplant Boy's kiss is much more generous, but understandably difficult to translate. He essentially gives you a simple coded message where you remove all "na" and "su". The decoded saying then gives "please eat my brethren".