Goro Arashiyama lives with his wife Julie at the bar south of the tunnel. Father of Her.

How to KissEdit

Give Leo a visit and show him a film can. Leo gives you an Old film. Take the Old Film to Goro and show it to him. Goro will invite you to watch movies at Long Life Cinema. Very late at night, after Goro sells roasted potatoes, and drinks at Julie's, he will stand at the corner of the buildings across from the fountain. When he's there talk to him and you'll watch the movie "Evil Doll". After the movie, give your opinion, he'll say he's retiring and gives you a kiss.


  • He is a patient of Dr. Dandy's and is diagnosed with "Knurd disease." (drunk disease)
  • Despite your true opinion of the film, you're only allowed to rate it as "Boring!" or "Very Boring!"
  • After receiving Goro's kiss, you can watch "Evil Doll" again any night as well as any of the four films you can buy from Mr. Cheapot.