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Goro Arashiyama (嵐山小五郎, Arashiyama Kogorō) lives in Long Life Town with his wife Julie at the bar south of the tunnel. He is the father of Poor Boy's Love Interest.

Profile and Appearance[]

Goro is a middle-aged Japanese man with a big red nose, balding head, big red lips, and squinting eyes. He wears a white shirt that is slightly too small for him, exposing his belly, as well as brown shorts and brown sandals. He is always carrying a hand fan with an angry tengu symbol on it. He sleeps on the second floor of Julie's bar, surrounded by old film reels, cameras, and movie posters.

Goro is an alcoholic and is almost always drunk and/or feeling ill from drinking too much. Having left his career as a film producer behind, he begins feeling more remorse and longing for his art days after his wife throws away his old films. His drunken laziness is a massive source of contention between him, his wife, and his daughter. He believes that he can re-achieve the glory and fulfillment of his art through selling sweet potatoes on the street.

Daily Schedule[]

Time Activity
12:00 PM Wakes up and stands on the stairs briefly before returning to bed.
12:15 PM Sleeps and wakes up intermittently, complaining of a hangover.
4:05 PM Wakes up and leaves the bar.
4:40 PM Grabs his sweet potato cart resting in the tunnel and carts it to the town plaza.
5:00 PM Begins selling sweet potatoes.
7:10 PM Stops selling sweet potatoes and returns his cart to the tunnel.
8:00 PM Returns home and begins drinking at the bar.
9:10 PM Leaves the bar once again to rest outside of Long Life Cinema. Will open Long Life Cinema at this time after being kissed.
10:30 PM Returns home and continues drinking at the bar.
4:05 AM Heads upstairs and goes to bed.

While Goro is in the Graveyard, he will not be in town and has no schedule.

Gossip and Knowledge[]

Goro's knowledge about things is mostly obscured by drunken slurring. He will often take long pauses while talking or simply never finish sentences at all, though he will grow more passionate when discussing art (especially films). He seems to dislike most of his fellow neighbors in town, but does give Poor Boy some very useful hints about Julie and Leo. Being a fellow artist, he is one of the few residents who feels Batayan should focus on his hobbies over working.

If Poor Boy manages to find Goro's old film, he will re-open Long Life Cinema at 10:00 PM every night for the townsfolk to watch movies. Showing him any film canister while at the theatre will have him tell Poor Boy the name and creator of the movie.

How to Kiss[]

After spending some time studying and speaking with Goro, it will become clear that he is a fan of movies and used to be a film director long ago. Showing Goro's Card to his wife Julie will have her reveal that she recently threw away his old films, inadvertently making him more depressed. Poor Boy must find the thrown away film to cheer Goro up. There are several films that Poor Boy can find and show to Goro, but none of them will be the one Goro longs for.

By asking his neighbors about films and showing them the films he has, Poor Boy can find out more about Goro's lost film. Mrs. Plum in particular will reveal that Leo found an old film in the trash and doesn't want it. Seeking out Leo and showing him a film will have Leo agree to give Poor Boy the Old Film. Showing this film to Goro will have him identify it as his lost movie and perceive Poor Boy as a fan. Taking the film, Goro will promise to reopen the theatre and give Poor Boy a showing of his movie. Poor Boy must visit Goro in front of the theatre at 10:00 PM to see the movie and later give his opinion of it.

After the showing, Goro will officially retire from his film career and give Poor Boy a kiss. From now on, speaking to him while he's in front of the theatre will let Poor Boy rewatch his film. He will also start selling Poor Boy sweet potatoes from his cart.


  • He is a patient of Dr. Dandy's and is diagnosed with "Knurd disease" (drunk disease), referencing his alcoholism.
  • No matter what the player truly thinks of Goro's film, Poor Boy will only rate it as "Boring!" or "Very Boring!"
  • Goro's squinting eyes are reminiscent of the number 3, which is a character trait called "me ga san" (目が3) that indicates bad eyesight.
  • Strangely enough, Goro asks for "G" for his sweet potatoes instead of the proper in-game currency, "z".