"I'm Johnny, the night-walking-invisible-man."

Invisible Man


12:00am - 3:00am

The Invisible Man, as stated in the quote, appears at night in Scarecrow Field. He walks a set path which will eventually lead to a hidden treasure (3000z, nothing really special). He only moves when you talk to him and this will prompt him to attack you. Avoid talking to him until he stops moving as you will take unnecessary damage. But each time he stops, talking to him will warrant an attack that doles out doubled damage.

Spot 1: Crossroads = -2 Hearts
Spot 2: Stairs near trash pile = -4 Hearts
Spot 3: Lamp near Monkey Rock = -8 Hearts
Spot 4: Corner near Monkey Rock = -16 Hearts
Spot 5: Lamp near manure bin
Spot 6: Haystacks south of manure bin, down steps

Note: The game manual lists one of Invisible Man's locations as being near the manure bin, but this is wrong and the wrong order.