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Jamtrack 415 (ヒカリ415号 Hikari 415-gō, "Hikari No. 415") is one of the kissable Underground Residents located in Long Life Town, Undasura Park.

His home’s hole is found in between the swings and spinning globe.

Profile and Appearance[]

Jamtrack 415 is a small, young man with a shaved head, who wears a mask that vaguely looks like a train's front. It's white with a yellow "beak" and "fin" on top. He also wears brown shoes and a light blue shirt with the Japanese katakana "hi" on it.

Peering into the hole while Jamtrack is home will pan down to reveal him standing on train tracks that lead from a green tunnel on the right to the wall on the left. There is a concrete platform in front of him. Above this, is a train sign bearing “Shin-Kobe” in regards to the station name, along with "Akashi" on the left and "Osaka" on the right, referring to adjacent stations.

His profile reads:

9-0 Long Life Town
Jamtrak 415’s life…
Age 20
Hobby: Photography
The saying of the day is…
Travel with friends.
People are nice.
Enjoy life with trains.
Departure 12:15pm.

How to Kiss[]

At 12:15PM, Jamtrack will come out and sit in place, angry. He will return home at 2:00PM.

Behavior and Viva Conditions[]

If kissed prematurely or angered, Jamtrack will cause 8 Hearts worth of damage. Poor Boy must carefully sneak up and stop onto Jamtrack's station, "Shin-Kobe". Here, Jamtrack will announce the station's name and begin to follow Poor Boy, who is now able to walk normally without getting attacked. Each train station is indicated as a sand drawing on the park ground and the names can be read by interacting with them. The player's objective is to guide Jamtrack to each station in the proper order. This order is:

Shin-Kobe → Shin-Osaka → Kyoto → Nagoya → Shin-Yokohama → Tokyo

Visually described, this would be; Shin-Kobe (the starting point: his hole), Shin-Osaka (left of the swing set, pronged), Kyoto (the first one directly northeast of the sandpit), Nagoya (directly right of Kyoto, in-between the bench and the rotary swing), Yokohama (directly east of the sandpit, left of Osaka), and lastly to Tokyo (south of sandpit, park entrance).


  • Jamtrack 415's motif is evidently based on trains; more specifically, his home is based on Shin-Kobe station on the San'yō Shinkansen line, of Kobe, Japan. Meanwhile, solving the puzzle to gain his kiss is based on taking the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line.
    • His Japanese name, "Hikari 415-gō" is a reference to the Hikari train service that runs on both of these lines. "415-gō", literally "No. 415", refers to a train's number.
      • In Jamtrack 415's official illustration, there is a secondary boy behind him that is shadowed, but it can be made out that his shirt is green and has the Japanese katakana "ko" on it. Jamtrack 415's shirt bearing "hi" is a shorthand reference to his name and train service "Hikari", while the other boy's is a reference to "Kodama", a more slower train service that runs on the same lines. This is likely his older brother who's graffiti can be read on the wall at Funny Bone City in which he thanks Poor Boy for playing with his little brother.
  • When Poor Boy's dad reads that he kissed Jamtrack 415 in the newspaper, his name is mistakenly spelled as "Jamrack 415".


Jamtrack 415's picture in the photo album after getting his kiss.