"I lost my piece. I'm searching for myself. I have so many pieces, but I can't find the most important piece: Me.

That one is too big. This one is too small. I'm looking for myself..."


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22 hearts


1500z, Alien Dictionary 2





When Jigsaw appears, a bunch of puzzle pieces will appear scattered on the ground. 53% of the pieces are "too small" while another 46% are "too large". This leaves a 1% chance of finding the correct piece and it may not appear among the pieces at all. The set changes every "hour" until Jigsaw leaves, giving you three chances to find it. After collecting a Jigsaw piece, you can keep it in your inventory, toss it to be found later at the Police Station, or sell it for 1z at Mr. Cheapot's. Jigsaw is, by far, the most troublesome kiss to acquire.

Note: There is question as to whether the probability of the correct piece appearing increases if you look at Jigsaw's "room" before the underground resident comes out.

Note: The best strategy is to pick up as many pieces as possible and checking your inventory as to whether you have the correct piece before giving a piece to Jigsaw. The correct piece icon in your inventory is unique. It looks like a sharp crescent moon or a person's face with a long chin.