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Julie is a resident of Long Life Town who runs Julie's Bar south of the tunnel. She is the wife of Goro and the mother of theLove Interest.

Profile and Appearance[]

Daily Schedule[]

Time Appearance
12:00 PM Wakes up and checks her restaurant equipment.
12:30 PM Wipes down the bar counter.
1:40 PM Leaves the bar and feeds the chickens next door.
2:30 PM Heads back to the bar.
3:15 PM Kills a chicken.
5:00 PM Pulls down the bar signs outside and opens for business.
6:00 PM Turns on the radio and begins grilling chicken every hour.
2:45 AM Stops grilling chicken and turns off the radio.
3:00 AM Puts up the outdoor signs and closes the bar.
3:45 AM Returns inside.
4:00 AM Begins counting the money in her secret lockbox.
4:40 AM Goes to sleep.

When Goro is arrested and sent to the Graveyard, Julie's schedule will change (shown below). After saving Goro and kissing Julie, her schedule will return to the normal one above.

Time Activity

How to Kiss[]

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When you get the Wine Coupon from Bell, take it to Julie's after 12am. Julie and Goro will argue and then Goro will be arrested. You need to bust Goro out of prison (see Policeman on how to get arrested).

Before unlocking the cell, speak to Goro. He'll start struggling, which causes the cell and controller to rumble periodically. This is needed for the combination:

● ● ■ x x

The underlined buttons need to be pressed when Goro is shaking the cell.

After you rescue Goro and escape the prison, Julie will be waiting.


  • She is a patient of Dr. Dandy and is diagnosed with "Nekcihc Dab disease." (Bad Chicken Disease), reflecting the fact that most of the town dislikes her cooking.
  • The music playing in her bar is the song she is famous for singing.
  • The pin in her hair seems to be one of a pair. The other she keeps locked up as it is apparently very special to her.