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Leo is the owner of Long Life Town's local bathhouse, Turtle House, as well as the adjacent Kamenoyu Tea Room.

Profile and Appearance[]

Leo is a green-blue anthropomorphic stone lion. He is always seen wearing a white bathrobe with red "hot springs/hot water" (onsen) symbols on the front and back. He is very passionate about cleanliness, baths, and tea. He is generally polite to everyone, but won't hesitate to comment on someone's smell or poor bathing skills.

His business and home are located in Long Life Town, District 1. Turtle Bath is in the west part of Long Life Town, to the left of Mrs. Plum's snack shop and across from Michelle's house. It is a small traditional Japanese bathhouse with changing screens, clothing cubbies, and bathing facilities divided by gender. There is also a scale Poor Boy can use to weigh himself, as well as a cabinet containing bathing supplies. The bathing room itself has a large bathtub with a painting of snowy mountains behind it, stools, mirrors, and washbowls. Bathing costs 200z every visit.

Kamenoyu Tea Room is located further west of Turtle Bath, right next to the bridge leading to the Lover's Tree. It is a fairly small and simple room with a single table, a water pump near a passing stream, and a door leading to the bathhouse's boiler and the roof of the tea room. If Poor Boy visits Leo here at certain times, he can have tea and talk with Leo about his past.

Daily Schedule[]

Time Activity

How to Kiss[]


Present Your Card to Leo to receive his card, and show it to others in Long Life Town to learn more about him.

2nd Hint
Batayan specifically will refer to a fortune teller when you talk to him about Leo, and Julie will talk about a correct order for taking a bath (which she only partly remembers).

3rd Hint
The fortune teller in the path between Long Life Town District 1 and District 3, under the train tracks, can be talked to between 4-5pm. The fortunes he gives are random, but one will be relevant to Leo (note: when he says to "Relax..." he is referring to goofing off by standing on one of the yellow buckets).

To kiss Leo, you have to take a bath properly, you can find out the correct order via the guidebook, or if the fortune teller decides to tell the player. Talk to Leo at the bath house and pay to take a bath. Once you've payed and undressed behind the wooden screen, enter the bath.

You need to use the faucets in this order: right, left, right, left. Now, go and stand on the yellow bucket and balance yourself, then enter the tub. You'll want to wait in the tub until the Boy's eyes pop open then hop out. Leave the bathing area and go see Leo.


  • Leo wakes up at 8:00 AM and can be seen brushing his teeth. The guidebook explains that Leo likes to brush his teeth first thing in the morning.
  • Showing Leo a frog will have him tell Poor Boy what type of frog it is.
  • Leo fills up the bath by sticking his head out the hole in the bath and releasing water from his mouth, identical to real stone fountain lions.
  • Poor Boy can have tea with Leo when he isn't at the sauna. It's best to only do this when trying to kiss Zombie Mika, as the dialogue will be the same for each visit.