Character art of Leo (レオ)

  Leo is a green lion, who appears to be made of stone (or possibly jade, do to his coloration). He is always seen wearing a white bathrobe with red "hot spring" symbols on the breast and back of it. Leo (41 years old) is the owner of the bath house, Turtle Bath. It is located at the west part of Long Life town, to the left of Ms.Plum's snack shop. It opens at 6pm and closes at 10pm. It costs 200z to take a bath. If you leave without putting your clothing on and you aren't tip-toeing he will yell at you and you will lose hearts. (You must tiptoe out naked for both Policeman's kiss and Turtle Boy's kiss.) Stay close to the screen and the counter if you are trying to tiptoe out.

How to KissEdit

Turtel bath
  You must take a bath correctly to get the kiss. Talk to Leo at the bath house and pay to take a bath. After you've payed and undressed behind the wooden screen, enter the bath. You need to open the faucets in the correct order: right, left, right, left. Now you need to go and stand on the yellow bucket, then enter the tub. Wait in the tub until your eyes fully open then hop out and go see Leo.[1]


  • The fortune teller in the path between Long Life Town District 1 and District 3 will tell you the correct procedure for bathing. This typically occurs around 4-5pm. When he says to "Relax..." he is referring to goofing off by standing on one of the yellow buckets.
  • Leo wakes up at 8:00am.
  • Leo fills up the bath by sticking his head out the hole in the bath and release water from his mouth, identical to real life stone lions.
  • Turtle Boy is Leo's son.
  • Leo dated Mika during school before she was hit by a car.