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Long Life Town (鶴亀町, Tsurukame-chō), also shortened to LLT, is the main and starting location in Chulip, serving as a hub world which grants access to all other areas (except Funny Bone City). It is home to the game's main protagonist, Poor Boy, as well as his Love Interest, Mr. Suzuki, and many others. It is portrayed as a somewhat shabby, small-sized Japanese town. It has a total of 39 residents, 11 of them being above-ground, and 28 being underground.


District 3[]

District 3 (鶴亀町三丁目, Tsurukame-chō-sanchōme) is the first area explored by the player. It contains the home of Poor Boy and his Dad, the Yabu Hospital, Mr. Cheapot's shop, and Batayan's trailer. South of Poor Boy's home is a small construction area where his Love Interest hangs out. It connects to District 1 as well as Undasura Park.

District 1[]

District 1 (鶴亀町一丁目, Tsurukame-chō-itchōme) is to the west of District 3 and is accessed by passing through the tunnel. From there it opens up into a more spacious fountain area. South of the fountain is a line of small buildings consisting of Long Life Cinema, Julie's Bar, and a chicken coop. Stairs north of the fountain lead to the Train Station and stairs west lead to the Police Station, Mrs. Plum's shop, Michelle's home, and Leo's Bathhouse. Further out west is a vista where Lover's Tree is located.

Undasura Park[]

Undasura Park (鶴亀町番外地, Tsurukame-chō bangaichi) is to the east of District 3 and accessed by using the crosswalk. It is a small lot, containing a slide, spinning globe, and swing set. Despite the innocuous sight, using the equipment will cause a fair amount of damage to Poor Boy and is likely to cause a Game Over, should the player interact with low health. There are benches, a water fountain and trashcan that the player can also interact with.




Note: * signifies that the resident cannot be kissed.