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Poor Boy's love interest, the Heroine (ヒロイン, hiroin) of Chulip. Also referred to as "Main Girl", as she has no default name and requires a name input by the player just like Poor Boy.

Upon moving in, Poor Boy dreams of kissing Main Girl and being happy with her for all eternity. When he actually meets her in real life, he immediately falls for her. Unfortunately he is, as she puts it, "not her type", and has to better his reputation and strengthen his heart.

The overall main objective is to finally earn her kiss and doing so marks the end of the game.

Profile and Appearance[]

She is a young girl about the same age as Poor Boy. She has straight, shoulder-length black hair adorned with a big red ribbon on top. Similar to Poor Boy, she wears the usual female Japanese school outfit; a long-sleeved, all blue sailor outfit (セーラー服, sērā fuku), accented with a red tie, and white socks with black doll shoes.

Main Girl is the daughter of Julie and Goro, but she ran away from home after their constant fighting. Since then, she has been hiding out in an empty lot that belongs to Mr. Cheapot and sleeps in a giant drainage pipe.

She is an outspoken and confident girl who desires independence from her family. She is fond of astronomy and keeps a telescope in the empty lot which she uses to look for shooting stars at night. She also likes cats and is always seen with a white, black, and orange calico during the evening.

Daily Schedule[]

Time Activity
8:30AM Wakes up.
9:20AM Hangs out on top the small pipes watching the clouds go by.
4:30PM She hangs around Lover's Tree.
6:45PM Brings out her telescope to begin stargazing.
10:05PM Finishes stargazing and puts away her telescope.
11:00PM Goes home to the large pipe to stay up a while.
2:00AM Finally goes to sleep.

Gossip and Knowledge[]

If Poor Boy shows her the cards of the other residents, she will have a lot to say about each of them. Her own card is white with a pink ribbon on it. She can also provide extra info on other items Poor Boy shows her.

Card Information[]

  • Batayan's Card - She will talk a bit about his backstory.
  • Policeman's Card - She tells Poor Boy about Policeman's desire to arrest someone.
  • Goro's Card - She dislikes her father for being so weak.
  • Mr. Cheapot's Card - She comments on how nice he is for letting her reside on the empty lot without complaining.
  • Leo's Card - She mentions he studied in England and will ask if Poor Boy was invited to one of his tea parties, implying she's been there before.
  • Michelle's Card - She finds Michelle annoying.

Item Information[]

  • Julie's Picture - She will mention a nightmare about her mother being in a trial defending herself against chicken, and how she is sad that nobody likes her mom's grilled chicken.
  • Sweet Potato - (Any) She becomes wistful and remarks that she'd love to eat her father's sweet potatoes again.
  • Frog - (Any) She will be startled and yell.

How to kiss[]

After collecting every Item for the Loveletter Set, talk to Mr. Suzuki.

You will be able to make a Good Love Letter.

Go to the Undasura Park and interact with the center of the park, finish the tests you will be presented with and you will have a kiss.

(Note: For more detailed information about this process, you can visit the Walkthrough until the Guide is completed.)


  • Poor Boy can visit the Lover's Tree any time before the end of the game, and during the evening Main Girl can be found there. She will slap Poor Boy if he attempts to kiss her, and her dialogue and damage dealt varies depending on Poor Boy's rank.
  • Main Girl's disease, as told by Dr. Dandy when presented her card, is "Yawanur". Reversed this reads, "Runaway". In Japanese, "メスムデエイ" (Mesumudeei) reversed is "家出娘" (Iede musume), meaning "runaway girl".