Bell and Monk Hoichi sitting together

Monk Hoichi is the owner of Worldly Desire Temple. After his father died of a lighting strike, he took over the temple. He lives there with his daughter Bell. He practices medicancy to keep the temple running, and will visit Long Life Town everyday in the mornings after 500z has been donated.

Be mindful that he can run you over with his motorcycle, doing 8 points of damage to your heart.

How to KissEdit

Make 5 donations of 100z at the donation box in front of the temple. Speak with Monk Hoichi, and he will tell you he requires more donations. The following day and from then on, he can be found near the crosswalk in Long Life Town in the mornings. Donate another 100z, and he will give you Incense sticks. Go to Worldy Desire Temple and light the graves in this order:

Original character sketch of Monk Hoichi

Takeda, Mouri, Uesugi, Oda, Toyotomi, Tokugawa

You do not have to light the graves at night however, so it's advisable to light them durning the daytime. (Easier to navigate the cemetery as well as avoiding the Grim Reaper ghosts who appear at night).

After you have lit them, the sky will go dark and lightning will strike the grave (this does damage to your heart). You will receive "Dad's Wooden Gong"; take this to Monk Hoichi to earn your kiss.

Speak with Mr. Inoue, located next to the now destroyed grave from the lightning, and he will praise you for getting the original gong back. You will receive the "Love Ink" in return.