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Mr. Cheapot (ツボヤスさん, Tsuboyasu-san) is a 55 year old antiques and goods seller. He lives alone with his dog Rocky.

His store, "Cheapot" (壷安, Tsubo-yasu) is open from 10:20AM to 4:00PM.

Poor Boy can purchase the following items from his store:

  • Magnifier - 880z
  • Computer - 11,800z
  • Alien Dictionary 3 - 1,980z
  • Good-Veggie Seeds - 240z
  • Taniguchi Film - 180z
  • Katsushi Film - 1980z
  • Yukiyoshi Film - 1980z
  • Maehara Film - 1980z
  • Kurashima Film - 1980z

Poor Boy may also sell items to Mr. Cheapot, such as junk from trashcans.

Profile and Appearance[]

Mr. Cheapot is an elderly man with a red nose and dark, tonsured hair, which makes him greatly resemble a kappa. He wears a white t-shirt under a green cardigan, and a pair of brown pants with shoes of a slightly lighter tone. He is always seen with his glasses on and often carries his feather duster with him.

Inside the store

His beloved pet Rocky, is a dog resembling a golden retriever. Rocky lives in a white-boarded dog house with a red gable roof, which he seems to be wearing like a turtle's shell. He can retreat into his dog house, or bring his head, limbs and tail out when desired, taking the house with him whether he goes.

Mr. Cheapot's store shares his name and within it are an array of unique and questionable antiques (and junk). While outside, a variety of pots and furniture surround it.

Mr. Cheapot is a part of the tutorial process for the first day. The player is introduced to stressed characters and taught to sneak around them to avoid harm. After Poor Boy meets Main Girl and falls in love, he is urged by his dad to write her a love letter. Speaking to Mr. Cheapot about a letter set, he tells Poor Boy he just sold it to Batayan. He also informs him that Rocky won't come back home. Batayan, who lives nearby, will exclaim that Rocky took the set from him and starts to chase the dog, only to be chased back. Poor Boy must sneak up to obtain the Letter Set laid in front of Rocky. Angering Rocky causes 2 Hearts of damage.

Daily Schedule[]

Time Activity
8:05AM Wakes up.
9:00AM Shining and polishing antiques.
10:20AM Opens "Cheapot". Rocky is sleeping inside.
4:00PM Closes up shop, Rocky care time.
5:00PM Taking Rocky for a walk.
5:35PM Walks to the nearby telephone pole.
7:15PM Returns home to his store. Rocky is outside guarding the area.
7:25PM Putting in a record to play.
8:00PM Sits in a rocking chair while smoking.
11:30PM The record ends.
11:50PM Goes to bed.
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"What? You can't read this unless you want spoilers!"

The section below will describe how to complete a story quest. This will involve spoilers related to Mr. Cheapot! Proceed at your own risk.


How to Kiss[]

Being careful to sneak past Rocky, Poor Boy can speak to Mr. Cheapot at night around 7:25PM, when he is relaxing for the day. He reveals to Poor Boy, that nighttime is when he reflects on life, how fleeting it is, and things that take place are simply destiny. When inquiring about "Destiny?", Mr. Cheapot will then tell Poor Boy about his missing Gold Raccoon. Last year of March, it was snatched up by a crane bird. Despite giving up the search for it, he will give Poor Boy the feather of the crane that stole it.

When Poor Boy speaks to Main Girl and asks to look through her telescope, he can see a crane bird fly around in the sky. (This can also be done before knowing of Mr. Cheapot's story, anywhere from 6:45PM to 10:05PM.) Here, he will find out that the bird is nesting at top of Leo's Bathhouse. The player must head down to Leo's Tea Room and have Poor Boy kick the furnace until it opens. Entering the opening allows Poor Boy to climb to the top of the smoke pipe and the bird will refrain from attacking. He can casually walk up to the crane's nest and dig out the Gold Raccoon. (If Poor Boy were to climb up here before receiving the feather from Mr. Cheapot, the crane would attack him for 13 Hearts and Poor Boy would leave automatically.)

Upon returning the Gold Raccoon to Mr. Cheapot, Poor Boy receives gratitude with a kiss.


  • His store name in Japanese is a combination of "tsubo" (urns, jars, pots, and the like) and "yasu" (cheap, affordable), hence "Cheapot".
  • The gramophone song that plays when you talk to him at night is called "Gold Fish Love", but titled "Tale of the Goldfish Carp" in the games OST.
  • He is the owner of the empty lot the Main Girl takes residence in.
  • His disease in Japanese is "キスキストッペ病" (Kisukisutoppe-byō). Reversed, this is "ペット好き好き" (petto-suki-suki), meaning "Loves his pet".
  • Mr. Cheapot was the chief of Julie's fan club when she used to sing. In Japanese, the word used is "親衛隊" (Shin'eitai), which in this context is used to describe a group of idol fans so ardent, they support and protect the idol, almost akin to "bodyguards".
  • Goro says his name is Vin.