Mr. Cheapot is a 55 year old antiques and goods seller. He lives alone with his dog Rocky.


Mr. Cheapot is an elderly man with dark, tonsured hair. He wears a white t-shirt under a green cardigan, and a pair of brown pants with shoes of a slightly lighter tone. He is always seen with his glasses.

How to KissEdit

Go talk to Mr. Cheapot (at night) when his dog is outside asleep and he is inside. He will talk about how fleeting life is, and will mention destiny. Choose "Destiny?" when it comes up. After speaking with him he'll give you a crane feather. Go to Leo's tearoom and kick the furnace until it opens, enter the opening. Grab the raccoon from the nest and return it to Cheapot.[1]


  • The song that plays when you talk to him at night is called "Goldfish Love."
  • He is the owner of the empty lot.
  • Mr.Cheapot was the chief of Julie's fan club when she used to sing.
  • Goro says his name is Vin.


Inside the store