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Mrs. Plum (スモモ婆さん, Sumomo-bāsan) runs the tiny snack store Umoreya (うもれや) by the Policeman's station in Long Life Town, District 1.

Her store is open from 10:05AM to 7:00PM. When entering, she is hidden from the player until she springs up from underneath the pile of items at the register on the right side.

Poor Boy can purchase the following consumable items from her:

  • Black Cookie - 80z
  • Heart Chocolate - 160z
  • Mochi-kebab - 320z
  • Popsicle - 200z
  • Micro Gum - 1480z

Unlike Mr. Cheapot's shop, items cannot be sold here.

Profile and Appearance[]

Mrs. Plum is a comically small, old woman who's gray hair is done up in a bun and held up with a red beaded hairpin. She wears a red kimono with blue obi. Her eyes may be seen as closed, located just under her exaggerated eyebrow wrinkles, near her ear.

On the first day Poor Boy arrives, she'll be outside near the fountain, in front of the phone booth. She warmly introduces herself to Poor Boy and invites him to come to her store to buy snacks.

While her store is one the small side, there is an impressive line-up of colorful snacks and candies that line the walls.

Daily Schedule[]

Mrs. Plum in her store, amongst a pile of snacks that previously buried her.

Time Activity
10:05AM The shutter doors to her store lift up, opening the store.
6:00PM The shutter doors drop down, closing the store.

Gossip and Knowledge[]

Her age remains a mystery to Poor Boy, for she cannot recall her own age, but ironically she is well educated about the age of other LLT residents. Showing their card to Mrs. Plum will get her to tell Poor Boy their ages. Alternative, showing her card to others will have them respond a guess of her age.

  • Mr. Cheapot believes she's 90.
  • Leo believes she's 100.
  • Goro believes she's 112.
  • Julie believes she's 115.
  • Batayan believes she's 128.
  • Michelle believes she's over 300 and more.

A notable amount of people in Long Life Town will also remark on her resemblance to a goblin when shown her card. And as it turns out, Mrs. Plum is one of the few fans of Julie's often burnt grilled chicken because she likes bitter foods.

How To Kiss[]

When Poor Boy inquires his dad about the newspaper, checking the third page may mention a story about Mrs. Plum closing shop. Poor Boy must visit her at the snack shop after gaining this information. Interacting with her, she seems unable to speak as it turns out she has lost her dentures.

You will be unable to acess the shop and her dialogue will be replaced to the following:


The Underground Resident Dr. Fill has them. Up until now, Dr. Fill hasn't been able to complete his invention. After the player gets Dr. Fill's kiss he'll drop the dentures, where returning them back to Mrs. Plum will then net her kiss.


  • After the day of Poor Boy's arrival, Mrs. Plum is never seen to leave her store for the rest of the game. While most characters tend to have a schedule of daily chores, Mrs. Plum stays holed up from opening to closing.
  • Her Japanese name "Sumomo" refers to Prunus salicina, a type of red Asian plum.
  • Mrs. Plum's disease, as told by Dr. Dandy when presented her card, is "Deirub Kcans". Reversed this reads, "Snack Buried". In Japanese, "スマテレモウ" (Sumateremou) reversed is "埋もれてます" (Umoretemasu), meaning "buried".
  • According to the official guidebook, she is 128. Which means Batayan is the only resident to guess her age correctly.
  • The Popsicle is necessary for obtaining Dr. Dandy's kiss. Showing the item to characters will mention that the popsicle is capable of making you sleepy. The Japanese name for the item is "リンゴのアイス", which translates as "Apple Popsicle". Because of this mishandled translation, the connection to "Sleepapple" in Dr. Dandy's notes is lost.
  • When reviewing her kiss while Poor Boy is sleeping, Dad refers to her as "Plum" and not "Mrs. Plum".