Fecal matter seems to play a funny if significant role in this game. Poopies deal two points of heartache and there is a 60% chance of finding Poopie when you look through trash cans. Some areas offer only Poopie


The Main boy receiving Poopie.

such as in the hen house near Julie Arashiyama's bar and grill (though a single Cold Sweet Potato can be found at the back exactly once).

At Scarecrow Field, Poopie is a prominent find throughout the rice fields. When not finding Star Seeds, Poopies will be found instead. The manure bin offers 99% Poopies/Big Poopies/Huge Poopies.

Big Poopie is first found at Worldly Desire Temple, where it is often found in trash cans and always in bamboo forests. Big Poopie deals 6 hearts of heartache. Big Poopie, while larger than normal Poopie, is also lime green in color instead of brown.

Huge Poopie can be found in Scarecrow Field, where it is located in the manure bin. It is very dangerous, dealing a whopping 16[citation needed] points of heartache when received. It is even bigger than Big Poopie, and is also a royal yellow color.

At the Funny Bone Factory, it is possible to find a Gold Poopie which can be sold for substantial Z. This only occurs when the Lazy Security Guard appears at 830, "the new factory site." It does 18 points of damage. Outside the factory, in the grassy areas, Big Poopies can be found.