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Tin Signboard (坂東カン吉, Bandō Kankichi) is one of the kissable Underground Residents located in Long Life Town, District 1.

His home hole is found just outside Mrs. Plum's store.

Profile and Appearance[]

Tin is a tiny man resembling a cone-shaped concrete block with a large red sign strapped to his back. His body and limbs are gray, and round, black glasses sit on his big triangular red nose. He wears a simple brown trilby hat and shoes.

Peering into the hole while Tin is home will pan down to reveal him in a room with various signs, many of which can be seen around town.

His profile reads as such:

1-2 Long Life Town
Tin Signboard's life...
Age 25
Hobby: Movies
Look, look at me...
Look, look at me...

How to Kiss[]

At 7:15AM, Tin will come out and walk to the right of the soda machine. He will sit here until he leaves at 9:50AM.

Behavior and Viva Conditions[]

Following his "saying of the day", Poor Boy should approach Tin carefully and stare at the sign on his back. Tin will begin to turn red and will soon after run to the opposite side of the soda machine while in Viva. Poor Boy has to quickly get into his path and kiss him.


  • The signboard that he wears is an advertisement for MicroGum, sold at Ms. Plum's store.
  • One of the signs on his apartment wall reads "Fonta" and resembles Fanta Soda's 1960s logo. Similarly, the Heno-Cola sign in his room and seen throughout town resembles Coca-Cola's logo.