Teash2 Trash cans be found all over the game and are an easy way to get money by selling to Mr. Cheapot.

Use caution when looking into trash because you can find Poopie which will deplete your health.

Most trash cans offer only one item and the most common item to be found is Poopie which doles out two heart points of damage. The first time you look in the trash cans in Long Life Town at the start of the game, you will receive Cold Sweet Potato from either can. The trash can outside of Julie's bar and grill is most often empty.

At Worldly Desire Temple, a trash can found behind the main building most usually contains Big Poopies which deal six heart points of damage.

The trash can in Scarecrow Field offers the most useful junk. Refrigerators, Tires, and Frying Pans can usually be found here and, unlike other cans, one can find up to about six items per visit.