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"LDLover, hopin' to help. You're not bothering me! Message away!"
―ren (Quotes aren't necessary, but I'll make a proper quote template some day. For the main characters!)

ren (レン, Ren) is an non-kissable bureaucrat and admin on Chulip Kisspedia. They set up their profile page as an example to help out Chulip Kisspedia editors. They hope this page can also help in general.

If any editors need their help, they are completely open to getting messages on their wall or as a DM on their Twitter and Discord. The editor will have to DM them on Twitter for their Discord tag.

This is an intro section, so it's typically brief. We quickly state the character's name and where they are from. Sometimes, we might describe their function briefly as well! We get into specifics further down.

TIP #1: Never address the reader directly, such as using "You". Instead, say "the player" or "Poor Boy"!

TIP #2: Always link to a page of a subject the FIRST time they're mentioned. If they are mentioned again for the rest of the page, you don't have to make them links.

Profile and Appearance[]

Ren is an individual a bit on the short side. They have black hair that's cut short in the back and goes a bit longer, past their ears, in the front. They have bangs that cover their right eye and go off to the left side of their head. They wear a dark hoodie, black shorts, and gray slip-on shoes with black, crew-cut socks. The only article of clothing that's colorful on ren is their lavender face mask.

Ren is seen carrying a clipboard at times, making notes and jotting down ideas for the wiki. They always appear exhausted and tend to keep to themselves, but if anyone addresses them, they're fairly responsive. They can be rather intimidating to others, but they don't actually have a problem with anyone.

Describe the character physically for accessibility help! Describe colors and etc. as best you can.
Describe things like their home, their first occurrence (if you already haven't), and their personality!
TIP #3: Let's write down information based on what the player can see AND find in-game! Any information that is not explicitly stated, is formed based on conjecture, and/or found outside of game should appear in Trivia!

Daily Schedule[]

This section is solely used for aboveground residents.

Time Activity
10:00AM Wakes up.
10:10AM Sleeps for "5 more minutes".
5:20PM Wakes up for real.
5:30PM Gets out of bed and regrets not getting out earlier.
6:00PM Hops on their laptop.
5:00AM Goes to bed.
Find out the times characters will preform an action that you will describe. Feel free to check and copy paste the code from the source here:
 {| class="article-table"
         |- style="font-weight:bold;"
         ! Time
         ! Activity
         | (time)
         | (action)
         | (time)
         | (action)
         | (time)
         | (action)

When you click on the table in visual editing, arrows with appear on the top and left side of the table. Click the left arrow and add a new row by clicking "insert above/below". In the future, we might revise these to look more fancy.

Gossip and Knowledge[]

If the editor shows ren their card, they'll give their own card in return. It's off-white with the words "capellacarn" and a drawing of a fish on it. They can also provide extra info on specific cards and items the editor shows them.

Card Information[]

(For full dialogue, check "Your Card".)

  • MZD's card - They'll compliment the editor on their great taste and offer to show their own collection of MZD cards.
  • Leo's card - They'll tell the editor that Leo is their favorite aboveground character and that they like lions.

Item Information[]

(For full dialogue, check "TO BE DECIDED".)

  • "moon" - They'll go on and on about the game's company's history and how significant they are.
  • Arthropod - (Any) They'll fawn over them and might go over some facts for certain ones.
Briefly describe what they know and will respond based on the cards you show them. After all, linking to Your Card will show the actual, full dialogue!

As for items, also briefly describe what characters say about them. We will implement a full quote page for those as well! (Page title currently pending!)
TIP #4: Remember to use sub-headings to separate sections if you deem it necessary. When a page has enough headers, the "Contents" box will automatically appear. No need to implement it yourself!

How to Kiss[]

The editor cannot kiss ren. This section is here for consistency's sake. If this is for an Underground Resident, this section should describe the time they appear and leave. Then in the next section, the editor should describe how they behave, like how they attack Poor Boy and how they enter the Viva state.

Behavior and Viva Conditions[]

This "sub-heading 1" section is solely used to describe how Underground Residents can be kissed. The editor should use "sub-headings" for aboveground residents if their quest should need parts to be separated and organized.

Doodle trainstationguy.png

"What? You can't read this unless you want spoilers!"

The section below will describe how to complete a story quest. This will involve spoilers related to Perteparadis! Proceed at your own risk.


Depending on whether you are working on an aboveground resident or Underground Resident will determine how this section will look.

If it's for an above ground resident, you may want to put a the {{Spoiler Warning}} template, especially if their quest involves multiple characters or goes pretty deep. After you put this template down, you can go into details on how to complete their quest!

TIP #5: When you use a template like {{WIP}} or {{Spoiler Warning}}, the visual editor might make it seem like the text is not in the box. This isn't a mistake you made! It will fix itself when you save the page.

NOTE: I only kiss M.


  • ren's favorite character of all time is MZD from pop'n music, a rhythm game originally released in 1998 and now spans over 20 different arcade versions. However, they're shy when asked about it directly.
    • They call him "M" for short and can typically be seen addressing him this way.
    • They probably want to marry him.
  • ren's self-proclaimed disease is "Revol Dog". Reversed, this reads "God Lover". In Japanese, "テシイアゼムエ" (Teshiiazemue) reversed is "えむぜ愛して" (Emuze aishite), meaning "I love MZD".
  • ren draws every now and then, but their general lack of energy is spent drawing the fave mentioned above, over anything else.
The kinds of trivia you want to include are anything that's not learned in-game. Information related to the page that came from outside, official sources, OR that you suspect is related based on strong evidence!

If it's not confirmed, word it in a way to suggest that it's just speculation! We don't want the wiki to be opinionated or spread false info.

TIP #6: If you're not sure about a piece of trivia, ask me. You can ask me anything. (:


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A section ren made for other tips and info on templates the editor can use.

Work In Progress[]

This can be used for pages that need heavy revision. The editor can slap them on the top of pages by typing "{{WIP}}" in the source editor! (They should remember to remove them once revision is finished.)

Chulipdrawings dad.png

"Everyone is talking about Chu♥lip Wiki. I'm so worried about its reputation that I can't sleep."

This article needs major writing and format revision to meet current standards under its new management. No one was kissed here.

"I'm so disappointed. I'm going to cry."

Collapsible (Official usage debatable, but made just in-case.)[]

This can be used in sections that the editor might want to put in a "mini-spoiler", such as the solutions for how to kiss an Underground Resident.

They shouldn't be used with large amounts of text. For example, the editor should not use this on Aboveground Residents, as kissing them can be a longer process. Instead, a Spoiler Warning should be placed.

"Solution" or whatever title necessary.
Look at this. The editor can type WHATEVER they want into here. They can use HTML!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Am I right, fellow editors?

This is heading 3

But try not to use too much of these, alrighty?