Chu♥lip Wiki

So we meet again. Here's our first and quick update.

You might notice a few changes around here... To be brief, I've successfully adopted the wiki! So now we can really start to clean up. You might notice we have Message Walls now, which make MUCH MORE SENSE as a messaging system. Any old messages that were apart of your wall are archived on your page. Yay! Less clunky!

We're making our way to getting a little fancy... By oranging it up with the wiki's theme! So exciting. (It's bound to be adjusted by me because I'm only messing around for now, haha.)

Meanwhile, in less exciting news, some personal matters are coming up... If I'm working less for some odd reason, then it's related. But, I'll try my best. Thank you all for helping out. It means a lot. Keep up the good work!

If I have any more neat things to point out or discuss, you'll get another blog! Until then, see you...

おいっす!ren @ perteparadis(talk) 00:07, August 20, 2020 (UTC)