Hi guys! It's me, ren! First I want to say... I've been noticing a little more active people here and there... Thank you for your work so far!

I'm assuming a couple of people were inspired to help thanks to Wayneradiotv. Which honestly, it's the same reason I'm here! His fun playthrough was very enjoyable and hopeful for me. I've been a Love-de-Lic fan for a long time. And my road to getting there was thanks to Rule of Rose and Chulip. Both games were created by Punchline, a game company started by Yoshiro Kimura. Before Punchline, Kimura worked for Love-de-Lic ! And before that, he was with Square.

By the way!! I'm trying to adopt the Chulip wiki so I can become an active admin. One of the requirements is that any other active editors need to be informed on my pursuing leadership so... If you wanna discuss me being a leader/admin, please comment here. ♪

The thing about Love-de-Lic is that it's a very special indie company. If you liked Chulip, you're very likely to also fall in love with their first game, moon ! Moon (a Remix RPG Adventure) was made by ex-Square and ex-Konami employees. It's a game where you play a boy who suddenly ends up in the World of Moon. And there, he is asked to help the people of moon to gain Love and grow stronger. Sound familiar?

Moon will be releasing for the first time in English this month on the 27th! It's a port of the original 1997 game for the Switch! ...Oh shoot, I realized the main reason I was going to make this blog post was to tell you guys I'm feeling under the weather... But I went and talked about moon instead... I love the game quite a lot. Please do look at it.

Anyway, I'll be less active due to a bit of allergies, but it's nothing to worry about. Please keep up the good work. I added A LOT of pictures, so it would be neat if I had help just placing them where they belong. If you have trouble with the formats, don't worry about it too much. I'll fix anything that looks weird. Again, thank you!!

おいっす!ren @ perteparadis(talk) 10:39, August 11, 2020 (UTC)

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