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Worldly Desire Temple (煩悩寺, Bon'nōji), also shortened to WDT, is a location in Chulip accessed by buying a train ticket from LLT to WDT (Long Life Town to Worldly Desire Temple). It consists of four main areas.




Note: * signifies that the resident cannot be kissed.


Train Station[]

The station is Poor Boy's point of arrival from Long Life Town or Funny Bone City. Poor Boy can buy a Ticket from WDT to FBC (Worldly Desire Temple to Funny Bone City) at the ticket machine for 300z and can also read comics on the bench next to the machine.

Behind the train station there is a faucet where Poor Boy can wash his hands and recover Hearts, as well as a bathroom for saving (which is only available after kissing Agony Man).


This area is the largest section of Worldly Desire Temple. Dozens of family graves line the path leading to the temple proper, which is found at the top of the large stairs west of the station. Poor Boy can read several of the gravestones here, which are all inscribed with family names, and can also find Mr. Inoue near the center of the graveyard. Agony Man and Snobby Tengu live along the various paths here.

If Poor Boy visits the graveyard late at night, he may encounter the dangerous Grim Reaper between 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM. The reaper will follow Poor Boy through the graveyard and try to attack him, taking more Hearts with each attack.

There is a small clearing with a tree south of Mr. Inoue where Zombie Mika and Voodoo Doll live.


The temple can be accessed by walking up the stairs on the upper side of the graveyard or after climbing up the rope of the waterfall.

The temple courtyard has a large bell and a tiny lumber yard on the left side, a donation box in the center, and a path leading to the waterfall on the right. After the 5:00 AM morning ritual, Bell can be found working in the courtyard; she will chop wood, sweep, and ring the large bell throughout the day. Monk will leave at 8:00 AM for mendicancy in various cities. A trashcan is hidden behind the temple on the right walkway, and Eggplant Boy can be found by the stump in the lumber yard.

The inside of the temple has two floors. The first is filled with many religious artifacts. Monk Hoichi and Bell will enter around 7:00 PM for their evening ritual and will both sleep from 9:30 PM to 5:00 AM. Poor Boy can speak to Monk inside after donating 500z to the donation box and find out more about Monk's missing Dad's Wooden Gong. The second floor is very small and simple, containing only two small comforters.

Ringing the bell without Bell's permission will cause her to yell at Poor Boy, costing him 5 Hearts. For details on both her and Monk Hoichi's kisses, check their respective pages.


Following the path right of the temple will take Poor Boy to another path leading downhill to the waterfall. Hasty Wizard and Mr. Frog live here. Behind the waterfall is a secret cave that is vital to Bell's and Charcoal's kisses. Charcoal can be found here after earning Monk Hoichi's kiss and ringing Bell's bell without her knowing.

When Bell's quest is finished, Poor Boy can return to the cave and talk to Charcoal play a Minigame.


There is a bed in the second floor of the temple that Poor Boy can interact. It will ask him if he wants to take a nap, but he will always be unable to rest and instead say The comforter is uncomfortable, I cannot sleep...

This bed could have potentially been another sleep spot aside from the one at Poor Boy's home. Whether or not it was supposed to be unlocked via a quest or simply just be usable is unknown.