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Yodzilla (ヨジラ, Yojira) is one of the kissable Underground Residents located in Long Life Town.

His home hole is found in the left most corner of the park, by the benches.

Profile and Appearance[]

Yodzilla is a blue, bipedal reptile monster. His face resembles a gorilla's and he has two small fangs. Meanwhile, his arms are short and his legs are thick, with four white claws on each one. He has orange scutes at the top of his head and a short tail. On his chest is an orange number 4.

Peering into Yodzilla's home while he is inside will pan down to reveal him faced away from the player, amongst several miniature buildings and one white transmission tower.

His profile reads as such:

9-0 Long Life Town
Yodzilla's life...
Age 45
Hobby: Movies
The saying of the day is...
Feel an irresistible impulse...
Destruction is a frail thing...

How to Kiss[]

At 4:00PM, Yodzilla will appear, as implied by the number on his chest. He'll walk about the playground before leaving at 5:00PM.

Behavior and Viva Conditions[]

Poor Boy must wait for Yodzilla to Viva . Startling him or having poor kiss timing will cause Yodzilla to shoot at Poor Boy with a purple beam via his mouth. Sneak around Yodzilla as he wanders around, wait for him to Viva.


  • Is likely Yodzilla is based off that of Godzilla, the two both have the ability to shoot a beam from their mouths, and like to cause destruction.
  • The name is also a play on Godzilla's Japanese pronunciation "Gojira" where "goji" sounds the same as "five o'clock" and "yoji", "four o'clock" (hence the reason for his time).